Wednesday, February 10, 2010

yay, Edgar came over today...

oh like minds and passion for the same thing. how wonderful and inspiring. just being in Edgar's presence was calming, and even though i have decided to not teach classes due to my burning desire to commence this magazine, Edgar and i will work together in many other ways. so yay
for refining heart's desires. stepping to the side of the path to smell flowers is great as long as you can still see the road and feel it beneath your feet. i am meant to teach the Raw food lifestyle. to help people understand its glory and vibrancy! RAW: a food and lifestyle choice is born on facebook. i will bring together all friends of food as medicine and rejoice that our family is getting bigger and bigger. one raw dish at a time. today it was green soup with hot lava and almond bread with cranberries. tomorrow the world.

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