Monday, February 15, 2010

RAW musings

clean house, clean mind, clean spirit. happy. i have taken on too many eyeballs it seems. on some days 3 dogs, 5 chickens, 2 fish and a human girl child seem like a lot. truth is the girl child is the reason for all of the other eyeballs. AND somehow going RAW inspires more of a love for animals more than i had before. they say that animals know who does not eat them. that there is a kinship because of this. perhaps they feel safer? Animal love is a small byproduct of Being RAW. if one makes the choice to be RAW, change ensues. beauty, health, travel, fitness, love, patience, energy, spirit.
it is not to say that life isn't full of challenges. those do not go away. what does, however, is the ups and downs of the things we "used" to do to ease those challenges. a big bowl of pasta or drinks, then coffee and a heavy breakfast the next day. Being RAW means staying as clear as possible. food is no longer a filler as much as just a way of life. Food is our nourishment. not something to feel guilty about. we can spend time thinking about our nourishment, ways we will satisfy our bodies. food can be enjoyed and celebrated when eating this way!

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