Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RAW food mistakes happen to GOOD people.

intention: key lime pie result: caramel nougat filling?
how did this happen. well...i started at 9:30 at night. first mistake. second when i was making the macadamia, pecan crust, i could not weigh the date paste. my scale was in the drawer with something resting on it so the battery died. maybe too much date paste, maybe too much date paste too soon. after realizing the crust was choppy nutty and sticky i read the note that said perhaps chop nuts and salt first then add HALF the date paste. i was HASTY and the mixture got to PASTEY.
SO... i have a caramely nougat for friday's valentines candy making. as my friend Edgar says
make lemonade out of your lemons. i will make nougat out of my pie crust! :)
moral of the story is read the recipe before beginning. tips and tricks and all!

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