Tuesday, February 9, 2010

raw food cult,

on an ichat Caleb questioned, "you still in that food cult?" "yes." i replied, "want to join?" i enticed him with mexican rice and chocolate pudding for dessert. "maybe" he said. it is possible to turn the most meat eating man raw. i believe. i need a month with one though. a sort of raw food challenge. once the month was over they would see. perhaps his girlfriend would not like this idea. this leads me to a topic i find fascinating. what happens when one person goes Raw and the other doesn't. this is a perfect example on how i do not need to re invent this wheel. Phillipa told me of a woman who does therapy for just this thing.
this topic will most definately be covered in RAW: a food and lifestyle choice.
RAW: love stories. i can't wait. for now, i will clean the kitchen. xo D

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