Friday, February 12, 2010

why dehydrate at home?

the benefits of dehydrating ones own goodies are enormous. the #1 reason to do it yourself is the moisture factor. it turns out i can make bread and leave it quiet chewy. bagged goodies must be dried ALL the way for safety anti mold sake. dried out goodies dry one out. i like the moisture. i can stop the dehydrator when it seems right to me. today's almond bread recipe from LLCI was amazing. i altered the recipe a tad. i had one less cup of almond flour and substituted one cup with coconut flour.
i also put the whole mixture back in the cuisinart with the s blade for a quick bit to grind it up further. how wonderful it was with cream cheese (cashew) and onions and tomato. seriously moist and chewy and delicious. what a great start to my day of candy making with Edgar, who made the most gorgeous cake out of Sweet Gratitude! lots of love everybody! goodnight :) p.s. if anyone wants the recipe or a video on it i will be happy to oblige!

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