Monday, February 1, 2010

love is what we eat. i just ate Fort Bragg.

i realized that exercise is a vital part of being "raw" as is dry brushing, laughing, taking time to breathe...this school was no retreat. amazingly we were able with little extra time to form friendships and family connections that will last forever. i miss it so much. i feel like my heart is in there in Fort Bragg. and i am in spirit traveling with my friends around the world. i can feel me with them. my raw food lovies. raw food love stories will be a huge topic for me to cover as i feel that love is an inevitable outcome of embracing a raw food lifestyle. love is how we prepare, love is what we eat, love is what we feel. self love is taking the time to dice and mince and add just the right flavor balance and just the right garnish. loving ourselves is a way to love everyone else. yes. i am convinced we can change the world one raw dish at a time. i cannot say that my cashew cheese is just the way it will be many times from now, or that i wish i took the time to read the dolmas recipe to go all the way with it. but in my own way i did make myself feel less sad about missing my friends and heaven away from home by preparing the food that brought us together in the first place. by preparing things i learned there and eating them at home. there is here. with me. p.s. i literally did eat the Earth from Fort Bragg. (vitaminerals that is!)

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