Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sweet resolve.

seriously stressful day turned into a most enlightening one. i fought the dragon and with help from a friend, i won! i am now back on course, riding the waves in a pleasing direction. i have learned that while i am passionate about many things it is important to choose the shiniest and the ones where i shine the most. that is why i have decided to dedicate a large percentage of my time to meeting those who have been inventing the Raw Food Wheels and sharing them and their findings with the world! all that has conspired today has led to this. i thank Edgar and Richard and Philipa today. i thank the workers who magnified my discomfort. my inner world and outer world paralleled in a symbiotic way. there was no ignoring of my inner turmoil. my home made sure of that. i am resolved and comfortalble once again. phew. i look forward to taking my show, my inquiries on the road, my joy and my enthusiasm will be my guides. along with the wicked travel genius Richard Kalisher. i will find my way. LIVE-LOVE-RAW sails once again!

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  1. Not only are you talented in the Kitchen and the metal workshop you are an inspiring writer and it was a pleasure to catch up on your blog, my dear friend Dara! Keep it up! Miss you!