Friday, February 5, 2010

maybe it was the moldavite!

a simple rendezvous with Matt Samuelson during a layover turned into a 3 day detour at my home in Venice. which turned into two days of spontaneous cafe
two days of leftovers and possibly two days of cleanup. i will let you know.
on the way to the airport i got pulled over. i was talking on the phone, went through a red light and cheerily told the officer that since i did not get pulled over ever, i did not know where to locate my registration! guess what? he did not give me a ticket. i did not hug him as i was seated in my car. i did, however, ask to squeeze his hand and thank him. i picked up Matt, handed him the Moldavite stone that i brought for him and we went out for a bit. i dropped him off and he called me later saying TSA delayed him so he missed his flight. next flight was friday. so three fun filled days ensued. we had gorgeous people come to be spontaneous with us. i am so happy we all got to connect! Jada and i drove Matt to the airport and now he is ready for his journey to Australia. Moldavite in pocket serendipities await!

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