Thursday, February 18, 2010

when low eat cacao or maca NO COFFEE!!!!!!

for energy, no coffee please! it dries out your colon, your skin and plain old just makes you look old. it was the one hardest detox for me.
when i went to the optimum health institute for a week i practically walked in with my last cup of coffee in my hand. i had chills, fever and vomiting while giving it up. it was cold turkey, i mean wheatgrass, and it was hard. i recommend going slower, cutting down and replacing it with something way yummy and warm and just as invigorating without the nonsense of jangled nerves, highs and lows and mooooodiness. when i want a cup of coffee i do this:
boil water for tea. preferably a chinese longevity herb called gynostemma.
i get out the vitamix carafe and into it i put
3 capsules of he sho wou.
3 capsules of pearl powder
1 dropperful of 8 immortals
1 T of cacao
1 t of maca
some agave or dates
1 t of coconut oil
a little handful of cashews
vanilla lots of it
pinch of salt
for where to get wonderful chinese herbs to make your own custom tonic
go to

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  1. Every human organism interact in different ways. What is bad to jonh doe 1 have not be nesesarialy to jonh 2; i mean in cases as a drink as coffee,use daily for millions of human beens. May you have an alergy on coffee or so.