Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi Everybody, it's Dara ;)
do you know what the whole point of the raw food thing is for really?
why on earth limit your diet to plants, fruits nuts and seeds?
for LOVE, that is why.
Raw Foods cleanses us. Until we are clean our cells our clogged, our lymphatic system is clogged, our blood, our skin, our aura, the etheric realm where all true messages from the divine come in, are clogged. These messages are trying to get to our hearts. How can we "hear" them if we are clogged.
messages are sent from our heart to others and to the divine. how can we be heard if these pure and true vibrations are being muffled?
When we eat a plant based diet high in fiber, fruit not fat. We are able to cleanse it all. the body, mind and spirit. the synchronicites become apparent and serendipities tickle us regularly.
This is why we eat raw food. This is why we step away from things that will clog us and lower our vibrations. we eat this way to feel clean, clear and bright so that we may feel the love in our hearts, the hearts of others and the love from the divinity within.  It becomes overwhelming and delicious, deliciously overwhelming.
So the next time we think of taking a bit of cheese, bread, pasta, whatever... consider the mantra,
"i am living a life that is clean, clear and bright." and see if the food you are considering supports that.
If not, make a different choice.
It is that easy.
and...get your greens on! ;)


  1. Love this post!

    My only downfall is crusty bread (now & then) but that will be changing real soon, because i have an excalibur dehydrator on the way, woot-woot! I still eat some cooked foods, but I make totally healthy choices 95% of the time. Warm weather RAW is much easier than cold weather RAW here in the NE.

    I'm going to paint a sign with yr mantra on it, and hang it in my kitchen! <3

  2. The truth is, yes, raw foods ARE good for you, but just like everything else in life, only in moderation. The healthiest diets consist of a balanced intake of vitamins and nutrients in both uncooked AND cooked foods. While cooking some foods DOES take out nutrients after they reach a certain temperature, other foods actually can make you very sick if you eat them raw too often. This does not just apply to protein products such as meat and eggs, but also to raw vegetables, notably in the tuber family (such as carrots, potatoes etc). Also if you are not growing your own raw food (or only get produce from local farms), you put yourself at a much higher risk of exposing yourself to food poisoning, as some plants contain pathogenic micro organisms that can even be deadly. Keep in mind even food labeled as "organic" may still have to be processed and preserved to keep from going bad before it reaches your plate. Also, studies show there are vitamins that cannot be obtained by a raw food diet, such as B12 and D. Which are needed for healthy brain and bone health. Honestly, I feel the best way to love and take care of the body and mind is through moderation and a thorough understanding of all food, cooked or raw, and of course and regular exercise regiment. Its not the worst thing in the world for someone to try a raw detox diet for a month, but it certainly isn't something that can be maintained for a healthy lifestyle.

    1. Vitamin B-12 (COBALT) is a bacteria from the soil, which we (vegans) get from the plants. With the depletion of the soil in the last 100 years of industrialism, all of us are at risk of B12 deficiency if the soil is not rich in minerals (b12). And...
      Vitamin D can be obtained from the sun and mushrooms on a vegan diet. Mushrooms are to be eaten in the winter when we may be getting less sun. You can have good levels on the raw food diet...Durianrider, Freelee, Dr Graham, and many other raw foodists are doing what is only natural to our physiological design (flat teeth for munching greens and fruit), we have long intestines for digesting greens (NOT MEAT OR FAT).
      I have talked about this before on my blog, and I have lots of information about the vegan diet, gardening FOR OPTIMAL NUTRITION, and how to do it all cheaply @ VEGANS LIVING OFF THE LAND http://veganslivingofftheland.blogspot.com

  3. Dara, keep shining your light. Thank you for all the inspiration. I love how you encourage everyone to follow their own path. I know from experience on my path that I feel better raw. A raw vegan diet makes me happy, happy, happy! The energy, the glow, the peace I feel. Thank you for spreading the love. <3

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  5. I'm making 2 HUGE banners/signs to place in my kitchen. One will say "Get your greens on", and the other will say "CLEAN CLEAR & BRIGHT". Thank you Dara!!

  6. Dara, this was pure poetry --
    I love to hear you talk about food so sensual ;)

  7. @ Dara, I really, really needed to read this at this time. @CassieK, I'm OMW over to check out your blog. Thanks, all.

  8. Fantastic blog post, Dara! It's so true that we eat for more reasons than simply to feel physically well. I am only dabbling in Raw righ now, but definitely feel brighter with more raw food in my diet. Thanks for your inspiration

  9. Hi Dara,

    I found you on youtube and have really enjoyed learning more about the raw lifestyle. Feeling better already. You are an inspiration!

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