Thursday, December 26, 2013

5 ways to get through the end of the year with grace and dignity

oh my it has been a while. My friend David has just made me aware that i haven't blogged in about 2 years. so. i promise in the New Year to blog frequently. i didn't realize that people would read and more importantly respond. that makes it much more exciting for me. to hear from you. it is the end of the year. it is time to rest up, rev up for 2014. here are 5 ways to take travel through this time gracefully:

1) simplify, say no, no thank you to doing too much. every delivery of gifts, every party every social nicety does not need to happen. ask yourself, "in order to simplify my life right now, what can i give up?" give up the first thing that comes to mind.
 2)  find time to be by yourself. if you can't say no to a family gathering or another party take a walk. take the time to break away, get a different perspective and have some moments to regroup by yourself.
 3) jump up and down. yes, get the lymphatic system moving. that is the fluid that circulates through our body. this where toxins get stuck. by jumping up and down we move them and get them ready for exit .  do this when you get the time to yourself or at a gathering. could be interesting ;)
4)stay hydrated to moisten the cells and flush out the toxins
5) Get your Greens on!  leafy greens alkalize us, make us calmer. so much of the food we eat during the holidays causes acidity. mood wise it makes us bitter, short tempered, angry. be the person with a jar of green juice in hand, in bag, on the way to parties, in your purse out to dinner. shock, impress or disgust people, it doesn't matter. you will be the nicest and calmest person around!
bonus tip. smile and have fun. by yourself or with people and take a deep breath. 2014 is almost here!