Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What do people want to read in this blog?

If I were reading a blog I would want to know the persons true authentic thoughts.nthings that they might not say on YouTube. Things meant only for intelligent people who not only watch videos but read as well ;). I might like to know what they think of the raw food world, the cast of characters in it. Does my favorite raw food educator cheat ever? If so what do they eat when they cheat? What is their love life like? What makes them happy? What to do on those days you just plain old mess up? How does it really feel to be raw in a cooked world? What sacrifices need to be made? Socially especially. What on earth can raw foodists do for fun in a world so centered around food and drink? I think that I can answer most of these. Except maybe the one about the cast of characters. Not Nice to gossip after all ;).
I do find it interesting though how many of them change their tunes. Raw vegan to meat eating? Gosh that could make things so confusing.
So. Things i look for in someone I follow...are they walking their talk? When I hear them speak, does what they say ring true? Does the word authenticity come to mind? And their energy, do I like it?
So on that note with much to think about and many topics to cover in the future.ninleavenyounwithnone true thing, Get Your Greens On!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi Everybody, it's Dara ;)
do you know what the whole point of the raw food thing is for really?
why on earth limit your diet to plants, fruits nuts and seeds?
for LOVE, that is why.
Raw Foods cleanses us. Until we are clean our cells our clogged, our lymphatic system is clogged, our blood, our skin, our aura, the etheric realm where all true messages from the divine come in, are clogged. These messages are trying to get to our hearts. How can we "hear" them if we are clogged.
messages are sent from our heart to others and to the divine. how can we be heard if these pure and true vibrations are being muffled?
When we eat a plant based diet high in fiber, fruit not fat. We are able to cleanse it all. the body, mind and spirit. the synchronicites become apparent and serendipities tickle us regularly.
This is why we eat raw food. This is why we step away from things that will clog us and lower our vibrations. we eat this way to feel clean, clear and bright so that we may feel the love in our hearts, the hearts of others and the love from the divinity within.  It becomes overwhelming and delicious, deliciously overwhelming.
So the next time we think of taking a bit of cheese, bread, pasta, whatever... consider the mantra,
"i am living a life that is clean, clear and bright." and see if the food you are considering supports that.
If not, make a different choice.
It is that easy.
and...get your greens on! ;)