Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my liver started cleansing on its own. :)

I got tired of preparing raw food. hours of operation in my kitchen. the soaking, the sprouting, blending, shredding, mincing, dicing, shaking, chopping. i got tired of shopping for the vegetables and washing them. i needed to just drink GREEN JUICE. and so i did. I told my client that i needed personal time. i didn't say that i needed personal time with me and my juice. but that is what it was. a relationship with wheatgrass and green juice. AND i went out of the house for it. i cheated on my kitchen. i tried every place in the area for their wheatgrass and greens. i stepped away from the kitchen and had fun. i was hearing a calling to simplify my diet. lose the dehydrated things and the nuts and seeds. i needed an internal spring cleaning. all the while wondering if i would ever want to go back to making cashew cream cheeses and nutty breads...i had my doubts. i didn't realize at the time but during this year, all the transitional raw food that i made, was making me look and feel heavy. i woke up one day simply not wanting it.
so i cruised the internet as i always do on the raw food subject and came across a Dan Mcdonald youtube video. he was promoting wellness and life regeneration just through fruits and veggies. i thought to myself, "i must meet him. i can go to this April 1rst retreat. i want to see a man who eats just fruits and veggies."
i had ten days to practice my desire of just drinking liquids and i did. i call it the "liquids only" i had done juice fasts before and decided that to make this one easy on myself i would have liquids (drinks including fiber)to lead up and detoxify. it worked, lbs started coming off, i started feeling like my old self, before culinary school, before a year of transitional food for my client (which i ate also) i had been raw for 5 years before. by the time i got to Grass Valley for the juice feast i was feeling great. by the time i left the juice feast i was feeling even better. it was not until Dan Mcdonald came to stay in my art studio while he was in town, did i realize what detoxifying can really do. we did a 36 hour water fast. that completely took me to a whole new level! the liquids and juicing had also led me to get a colonic which led me to know that my liver was cleansing! without me even trying. there were stones coming out. my liver was asking for a cleanse. the colon hydrotherapist suggested a liver flush and i jumped on it! word up, do not do a liver flush unless you have time and space to identify any emotions that come up. the liver stores anger and resentment. this is NOT the time to have company, your child, boyfriend or husband! if you do not release the old emotions might stay trapped. i have a plan to do a liver flush once a month for a year. the patience and love in my heart will be free without old things that are toxic hanging around. i look forward to this really. So here is to the great big detox and future flow of everything good! :) Dara