Wednesday, January 15, 2014

falling of the wagon

did you fall of the wagon over the holidays?
is it hard to get back on?
i have really good news for you.
the wagon is shallow, low to the ground.
it is a flyer red wagon and you don't get that hurt if you fall off
and it is really easy to get back on.
no crane or person needed to help you get back on. just you.
one foot in, sit down, put the other foot in and there you are.
while you are sitting in the little red wagon
start to remember. oh yeah, that green smoothie i used to make...oh yeah the delicious chocolates,
the tonics, whatever it is, just make that one true thing.
and make the decadent delicious raw food things as well.
so to make it easier to get back into your cute wagon make the things that you would crave if you weren't in it.
like chips? get flax crackers.
like dips? make my no bean hummus.
puddings? make chocolate pudding.
make sure you are satisfied before you get the cravings.
and of course add something green. one green thing a day.
i would go for my one true thing green soup.
here it is.
get good at it. put it in a mason jar. eat it first. you won't want anything else.
and then lo and behold your little red wagon is a chariot to the best life ever!
cheers my friends to an amazing 2014!