Saturday, November 19, 2011

My New DVD, Tonics

My new DVD, Tonics, is available to pre-order! Learn ten great recipes: the Choco-Banana Tonic, "Nighty Night" Tonic, Libido-Creativity Tonic, Hibiscus Tonic, Savory Tonic, North American Tonic, South American Tonic, Coffee-Alternative Tonic, Intuition Tonic, and Ayurvedic Tonic.

Pre-order now:


  1. So much enjoyed the DVD. Purchased the ingredients for Coffee Substitute and Nighty Night tonic with some Christmas money :) Can't wait to try them out !

  2. hi Susan B. that you so much!!! have fun with it
    and keep me posted :)

  3. Hi Dara,
    I finally sat and watched all of the recipes in your Tonic DVD. I can't wait to get started. I can not find the part of the DVD where you said all the ingredients would be listed and where they can be purchased. Can you let me know where that is? Thanks, Stacey