Monday, January 18, 2010

krispy kale

delicious emmylicious krispy kale. with iron and vitamin B12. did you know that as a raw vegan it is essential to take vitamin B12? it can be found in nutritional yeast, which is all over this now krunchy kale. Emmy coated it with a "batter" of nutritional yeast, cashew creme, salt and then put it in the dehydrator on 125 for three hours. really delicious and beats pringles. she wants to call them Kringles. cute huh? well, it beats Pringles or any other cooked potato. in fact, we learned from Dr.'s Dina that steaming potatoes is the only way to go
as the sugar and acids naturally found in them when heated create a carcinogen known as Acrylomide. yuk. raw plant based for me. so here the kale has its living enzymes and phytonutrients in tact. It totally satisfies any munchies. ttly. DD

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  1. I never knew this about potatoes. Coming from Ireland where no meal is complete without potato, it's a good thing to consider. Enjoying your videos!