Monday, January 18, 2010

late night pondering of science of raw food...

every night. after class, we make food in the kitchen of our inn. the Living Light Inn. in Fort Bragg, CA. as i type the rain beats so hard on the roof. (i am in the attic room) it almost sounds like hail) wait. it must be hail. or baseballs. wow. ok well, blog away. at night, after we eat i like to find out what is going on in other raw peoples lives. why they are here on a quest for the best education in living plant based food, or who is at home supporting their efforts here. i have found out a lot, and it is all interesting to me. last night i got a clip of Edgar and Emily telling me a couple of things that they gleaned from the weekend of science/nutrition of raw food. it will give you a bit of what is was like. we have lots more to say. it is 7 pm now. perhaps after some alone time. i need it! i will venture down three little carpeted flights and see who is in the kitchen. i really must also tell you what it is like in the culinary studio under pressure with four other people used to doing things their way. holy----. for now a video from last night... video

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