Monday, January 18, 2010

i was the leader of the day. felt like boot camp.

in this oh so challenging part of being in the culinary studio. we are expected to commune with three other students and follow recipes. i was the leader of the day. meaning i tell others when to chop, when to blend, when to clean, in what order. phew. hard day, ruffled feathers. too many people energies mostly hard because there is a time limit. Also hard because there seems to be a bit of competition as to whose is the prettiest. so, i stepped into leadership and it was not easy, for goodness sake all we did was make sauces and asian wraps. mine came out disorderly. i felt as if it was more my job to keep my group and food moving forward in a friendly way, that i really did not get to do my normal pretty "Dara" thing. AND i am NOT YET good at wrapping cabbage leaves nice and neat and tight like the table to my right. they are from Japan. so
in light of all that, i survived this monday. did have moments of fleeing. here is my fitting horoscope. tuesday should be better.

Monday, Jan 18th, 2010 -- You might struggle with an inevitable shift of power because you are deeply invested in the status quo. Even if you see the advantage of shaking things up, it makes you nervous when there are too many unknowns. Keep in mind that you won't be able to stop the wheels of progress. Give yourself a few more days and then make up your mind to be a positive part of the change. Once you do, you can assume an important leadership role in the transformation.

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