Tuesday, January 19, 2010

happiness thru tryptophan

required amount of tryptophan
.2 grams per day according to USRDA study on humans in 1942-1955
spirulina is way high in tryptophan.
57% of 3 gram serving is 1.71 grams of tryptophan!!
tryptophan converts to seratonin
and that is exciting cause seratonin makes you happy!
it also regulates intestinal movements and the remainder has various functions the
reg of mood appetite sleep muscle contraction and some cognitive functions including memory and learning. help regulate homostasis in blood clotting.
other things to eat
sunflower seeds, sesame, pumpkin seeds.
eat and be happy.
it is important to have a good ratio of tryptophan to phenylalanine and leucine. fruits with a good ratio are dates papaya and banana foods with a lower ratio inhibit the production of
seratonin and that includes wheat and rye bread. this info came from the website: selfgrowth.com

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