Sunday, January 17, 2010


this entire weekend was spent listening to the Dr.'s Dina. Karin and Rick. they were phenomenal
and knew how to make words fly over my head! amazing! although words and chemistry lessons were flying around the room. some did manage to settle on my friends and i. For Edgar, the weight of food that will satiate us made an impression. 2 lbs! so it is best to choose high water high fiber like leafy greens first. they will satiate without an overload of calories. choose them before raw cheesecake. For Emily it was the fact that leafy greens do not thin but coagulate blood. I remember distinctly it is best to eat potatoes steamed as the sugar and acid naturally found in them combined with heat creates a carcinogen. STEAM YOUR POTATOES. so much to share. will do. for now this new blog will need followers. :)

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