Tuesday, March 18, 2014


"How has love been touching your life?"
i am having lunch at Cafe Gratitude in Venice, Ca. and that is the question of the day.
the first thing that came to my mind. is More with Dara. More with Dara is a site that i set up so that people who need help with this lifestyle would have it. i provide extra videos, way personal blogs and am there to support answer questions and see what is going on in the lives of the MWDees as i call them. it is a camp of sorts where we get to share in a very raw and very real manner.  the people on more with Dara are touching my life with love everyday with their enthusiasm to make their lives better through detoxifying their bodies and currently detoxifying their homes.

i have come to realize that the more love we give the more we get. the more lives we touch the more lives touch ours.
the beautiful cycle of love given AND well received is the way that love touches my life.
"How has love been touching your life?"


  1. I find that since I've begun to take control of my physical and spiritual health to the next level, love is coming at me everyday. My relationships with everyone including myself are better! Maybe it's because I'm feeling better and I'm projecting healthier vibes and in doing so receiving them back. Much love Dara. I discovered your videos the other day and I'm hooked. I loved the interview with Dr Sadeghi and Joe Cross.

  2. Yeah! I'm glad that you recently posted. I'm having a hard time syncing with outlook to send you and email so I hope to reach you here. I just watched your video: suppress appetite and inflammation and would like to know what is the name of the juicer you are using and does it work well with greens? I can be reached at treasurejoy@sbcglobal.net if you would like to respond there. Thank you.