Monday, March 7, 2011

right out of school i got a job with a movie star ;)

Nott a month after graduating with an associates degree from Living Light Culinary Arts, I met an Oscar winning actor. He asked why i was "glowing" and i said, "RAW food." he said that he had tried it but didn't like it. I told him that he might like my food. He texted me within the hour and 2 days later i visited his home with a vibrant lunch. I prepared raw food for for him for three weeks straight after that and before i knew it i was on location for two months on a movie set in New Orleans as his private chef! I have been preparing food for him ever since and it has been a year.
the story is intriguing, longer and far more entertaining than this, but i just wanted to say why i have been an absentee in the world of blogging for this long.
In the upcoming months i will be sharing my stories, tips, ideas, recipes and photos on RAW, the food and the lifestyle and the practical application of RAW in real life.
I can take a breath now that i have figured out how to be a private chef AND still have a life ;).
Welcome back i say. Here's to a lot of fun and DE-MYSTIFICATION of RAW!!!


  1. I'm so proud of you. You know it's not because you're my sister (which you're not), or the mother of my children (not that either) but because you're the real deal. And that Oscar-winning actor is no slouch. He's a smart guy. He's spent a good deal of his life taking stands for things worth believing in. He's a man how knows what he likes and what is good for him (and the world). And YOU, Dara, and that incredible, delicious, beautiful if-this-is-raw-I-want-it-now-and-always food of yours is good for him and the rest of us fortunate souls too. Thank you for sharing it with him, and with me. I only wish you had been at my side when Carol and I were writing Eating in the Raw and The Raw 50!!! Bring the beauty and goodness and truth nestled away there in Venice to the world! lovelovelove...

  2. I really want to join you as much as I possibly can..... I will so deligently try to stay on a strictly raw diet... but it is a challenging experience for me.... but I truly want to be as healthy as I can.... and I know from my experiences of you and your RAW preperations, that the food is delicious... it is just trying to switch over to a RAW diet...

    Hugs to you Sweet Lady.....

  3. Gayle, cut red peppers and put them in a baggie. celery, carrots and cukes ;). Blend them, add salt and olive oil and make a soup. RAW is as easy or hard as you make it. i am here to support and cheer you!
    DAvid, what can i say? thank you and maybe we will both be together for the next book ;).