Sunday, March 13, 2011

peace of mind, thanks and a tomato

do we all get enough time to ourselves? to lie on the ground and stare up at a tree. to feel the grass, dirt, sand, snow or even concrete? the warmth or chill of the earth is grounding, feeds us like nothing else can. when we were children we would lie down, run around in circles, draw pictures of things without telling ourselves we couldn't. we would giggle and act silly, jump on beds and make up words. where and when on earth did we get so serious? AND when will we stop? when was the last time we lovingly washed a tomato and cut it knowing we were feeding it to someone we love? some of us have never grown a tomato from a seed and lovingly nurtured it until ripe. Those who do grow their own food are more connected and for those of us who don't, let us remember where food comes from, how it grows, honor and marvel at it before we put it into our mouths. if we grew produce we might be less likely to do things to alter it, like cook it, knowing that plant life force is perfect just as it is. we are perfect just as we are. it is time to remember. it is time to be thankful, to lie down, be silly and draw a picture of anything. how about a tomato?
raw, organic if you please. ;)

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