Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kelp noodles. zucchini is not the only raw PASTA!

I have a friend on the east coast who has just let me know that she is on and loves her raw food diet. I love to hear this and get so inspired to share ideas and recipes. Here i am the next morning sharing one of the most satisfying of all raw dishes. For those of us who crave pasta and get tired of the same zucchini spirals (which are always a good easy standby) try kelp noodles. They are shockingly good, IF prepared the right way. :)
First, where to get them. they are usually by the tofu in the refrigerated section of natural food stores. Cut the bag open and soak them in a big bowl with hot water. rinse and rinse. they are naturally crunchy, but we want to "bring them down" to a softer feel to resemble spaghetti. This is where the trick comes in. Massage fresh lemon juice and himalayan salt into noodles and let sit for a little bit. when the noodles are soft, drain. that is your pasta. sauce comes later...next blog. Go out and get bags and bags of these you will love them!
video didn't post. coming soon!:)

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