Monday, May 2, 2011

quiet the body and the mind. water fast #3

i am doing it again. a 36 hour water fast.why you ask? because it works. the benefits outweigh any discomfort. when i look back at the videos i made right after both water fasts i can SEE a difference. energetically and physically i look brighter. eyes, skin, energy, spirit. it seems so very true that that wonderful healing can occur if your body has a chance to heal itself rather than "work" at digesting new food. so today is a day for me to rest from prepping food, a day for my body to rest from digesting food and a day for my mind to revel in silence. i wondered wether it would be best to stay away from technology for the day and decided to stay in this form of communication. i decided to stay as this is a beautiful form of creativity for me. a precious way to expound on my thoughts and share them. if i have a chance to inspire i will take it. so next time perhaps i will fast, be in silence and stop typing. but for now two out of three ain't bad. so my friends, if you are not fasting today please have a piece of fruit and a green juice and think of me ;) happy day! Dara

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