Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i am at the 35th hour of the water fast and i don't feel bad at all. i think the thing about fasting is that you miss food. only a couple of times was i really hungry. it is so nice to feel the full effects of rest. because we are not stimulated by food when we fast our body makes us rest. this gives us rest for our minds as well as our bodies. it is amazing! i think that there is a lot of fear around not eating. but for 36 hours? really amazing. if you don't think you can do 36, try just 24. that means eating dinner at 6 or 7 pm not eating throughout the next day and breaking the fast at 6 or 7 for dinner. that should not be too hard to do. the water is hydrating and cleansing. try it you might not like it at first, but you will like the results. in any case, be mindful of what you do put in your body when you eat. make the best choice possible. :)

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